The world of clarinets

Whether it is from high to low, historical to modern, or A flat to (contra-) bass – in our workshop in Bamberg you will find everything the world of clarinets has to offer.

There are few instruments which are as versatile as the clarinet. It covers a sheer multitude of genres and ensembles. Each player has various individual capabilities, skills and ideas concerning the sound and musical expression of his/her instrument. We, here at SCHWENK & SEGGELKE, aim to bring those together.

Therefore, we do not offer off-the-shelf solutions: Your instrument, handcrafted in our workshop, is going to be as unique as your musical conception.

We build your dream instrument in manual individual production. All our clarinets are crafted using a selection of carefully proven and stored wood. Whether you prefer German or French fingering, a lot or little mechanic, this or that bore – contact us, share your thoughts, try out different options. Our employees will gladly support you in creating your desired instrument.

At the heart of the UNESCO world heritage city Bamberg, and in collaboration with several globally active soloists, professors, folk musicians and amateur musicians… we create true woodworking masterworks.

Summer Holidays

The workshop will be closed from August 24th to September 11th. Emails and phone calls can not be answered in this time. However, scheduled repairs will be carried out as planned.

Dear customers,
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We are currently working on the english language version of our website. Until its completion, if you require any further information which is not yet available in English, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in SCHWENK & SEGGELKE. We hope you enjoy browsing through our vast range of clarinets.

Musical Projects

Follow some video-projects of our customers Charles Neidich, Michael White, and Nur Ben Shalom in our events-section.


Configurators now in english translation

We are glad to inform you that the revised configurators for our instruments are finally available in English as well!

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German Fingering

Model 2000

French Fingering (Boehm-System)

Models 1000/1000+/3000

Basset Horns & Bass Clarinet

Featuring mechanisms of our own invention

Period Clarinets

Historical replicas from the 18th and 19th century