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SCHWENK & SEGGELKE Master workshop for innovative clarinet making  | Bass clarinets and CLEX

Bass clarinet

German Fingering (Model 2000) and French Fingering (Model 3000)

The way our bass clarinet is designed, it can be constructed with German fingering, as well as French fingering, depending on preference. Their tonal performance is equally strong. Elements of either type can be combined according to individual customer wishes.

Based on the German bore, we have developed an innovative concept for this world-class bass clarinet. Due to its new scale and its specially developed shape, the newly designed neck has a major influence on the instrument’s sound and intonation. The novel vent hole mechanism no longer requires a valve in the neck. It impresses by having an interference-free automatism with a whisper key mechanism. A metallic elbow is added to the lower joint to fit an upward-facing wooden bell. The innovatively designed and well-proportioned mechanic parts result in a compact key positioning – perfect for all hand sizes. Controlling the thumb keys via newly developed levers, designed to have the shortest possible lifting point, makes for a quicker and more precise playing of the four lowest notes.

Design Variants

German bore and fingering (model 2000)

„Variant I“

Mechanic parts, including f lever and four thumb keys for E flat / D / D flat / C.
Optional addition: e flat lever, low E flat (played by the right pinkie), b flat / f'' key button for the right index finger, low C / C sharp trill on the E flat-lever, f’’ sharp / g’’ sharp trill (articulated f’’ sharp / g’’ sharp).

„Variant II“

Mechanic parts, including f lever with alternative key buttons for C sharp/ B / low E flat, four thumb keys for E flat / D / D flat / C, b‘ / c“sharp trill (articulated b‘ / c“sharp).
Optional addition: E flat lever, b flat / f'' key button for the right index finger, low C / C sharp trill on the E flat lever, f’’ sharp/g’’ sharp trill (articulated f’’ sharp / g’’ sharp).

French Fingering and German bore (Model 3000)

„Variant III“

Four thumb keys for E flat / D / D flat / C; two options to play low E flat, E flat lever.
Optional addition: b‘ / c“sharp trill (articulated b‘ / c“sharp), low C/C sharp trill on the C lever, f’’ sharp / g’’ sharp trill (articulated f’’ sharp / g’’ sharp).

„Variant IV“

The basset register is playable by using the right pinkie (E flat and D), the left pinkie (second option to play D), as well as the thumbs (C sharp and C), similar to standard bass clarinets with French fingering. This model has a coupling from low F and below to G, therefore only requiring one pinkie or thumb for the low range.
Optional addition: b‘ / c“ sharp trill (articulated b‘ / c“ sharp), f’’ sharp / g’’ sharp trill (articulated f’’ sharp / g’’ sharp), additional E flat key button (playable by using the thumb).

When buying a bass clarinet from SCHWENK & SEGGELKE, you are able to choose from the following types of wood: Grenadilla, Mopane, Boxwood and Cocobolo. If you would like to know more about the different types of wood, please click here.

Sound samples

From “bass clarinet essentials” with Matthias Höfer (bass clarinet) and Manami Sano (piano). Released by Bremen radio hall records. For further information please click here.

Eugene Bozza: Ballade (1939)

Scope of supply

Instrument with mouthpiece, ligature, special backpack casing, care accessories.

Price list

Current prices for basset and bass clarinets on request. Feel free to contact us.
For prices of accessories for bassett and bass clarinets, please click here.

Kontrabassklarinette CLEX

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