Clarinets made by other manufacturers – reworked by SCHWENK & SEGGELKE

SCHWENK & SEGGELKE offer a range of clarinets, made by well-known manufacturers that have been reworked at our workshop. This makes our assortment unique - the instruments you are able to buy from us, cannot be found at any other shop. We offer a selection of models by F. A. Uebel and W. Schreiber which have been revised by our team, thereby achieving the best price-performance ratio possible. All instruments are function-tested and range from 1500 € to approximately 5000 €, leaving nothing to be desired.

The reworking process entails optimising the tone holes and the mechanic, as well as checking the bore and the intonation. The equipment is the same as with our own instruments: We offer revised mouthpieces by Vandoren, along with matching reeds and ligatures.

Should you be interested in buying either a new or a used instrument, please visit our marketplace which features all currently available pieces.

F. A. Uebel

F. Arthur Uebel

Since 2014, Jochen Seggelke has been advising the company Uebel in acoustical and technical questions and has closely supervised their models’ new production. Therefore, we are able to offer a range of quality checked clarinets from E flat to bass with German or French fingering, while achieving the best price-performance ratio, as well has having their playing characteristic be similar to our own.

This allows for a combination of different instruments, creating a modular system of sorts which caters to the requirements of beginners, semi-professionals and professionals.

Our current prices for Clarinets by F. A. Uebel can be found here.

In collaboration with the company Uebel, based in Markneukirchen, we have also developed the Seggelke-Line.

W. Schreiber & Söhne (Buffet-Crampon Deutschland GmbH)

W. Schreiber & Söhne (Buffet-Crampon Deutschland GmbH)

Since the beginning of the 21st century, we have been offering revised instruments by W. Schreiber. Their model D12 is especially suitable for beginners and players with smaller hands. The model D 26 is an all-rounder. Their more recent model „Virtuoso“ is based on the D 45 clarinet, but with newly designed keys. For more information, please go to

Moreover, we also offer bells, barrels and mechanical modifications for the Schreiber clarinets.

Our current prices for Clarinets by W. Schreiber can be found here.

Should you experience problems with your instrument, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will do our best to resolve them as quickly as possible. Within the warranty period, necessary repairs are free of charge. Excluded are improper use and wear and tear due to playing. To learn more about the repair and maintenance work offered at the workshop please click here.

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