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The „Seggelke-Line“ is a design series with German fingering, configurated here at our workshop and exclusively pre-manufactured for SCHWENK & SEGGELE by F. A. Uebel. This instrument series is a dream come true: tonally and intonationally suitable for professional use, yet affordable, made from carefully processed wood, with a durable and ergonomically optimised mechanic.

You will receive a clarinet with not only an optimal price-performance ratio, but also the core values of a SCHWENK & SEGGELKE clarinet!

The Seggelke-Line is exclusively available at SCHWENK & SEGGELKE.



The instruments are available in grenadilla with silver-plated mechanic parts, or mopane with silver-plated or gold-plated mechanic parts. The clarinets in B flat and A feature 21 keys with 4 trills, cross fingering mechanism for b flat/f’’, b’/c’’ sharp trill and f lever.

Here at SCHWENK & SEGGELKE, the instrument receives its narrow bore, as well as a thin coating of linseed oil to nurture the wood. As a final touch, it is being intoned and checked.

When buying an instrument from us, you will receive professional advice and first-rate service from our team. They will gladly help you find your desired Vandoren mouthpiece to go with your new clarinet.

Besides the two barrels already included in the scope of supply, we offer a specially developed barrel for an additional charge. This particular bulbous barrel made from grenadilla or mopane with wooden rings forms the sound even more openly and freely.

The clarinets in B flat are standardly delivered in the Protec micro case. When buying a clarinet in A, you are able to choose between a patent leather flight case by J. Winter and a Protec double case. Covers are not included. For further information on our selection of casings, please click here.

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If you would like to benefit from the multitude of variations and individual features our SCHWENK & SEGGELKE clarinets offer, please click here for more information on our model 2000. If you would like to know more about our reworked instruments by Uebel and Schreiber, please click here.

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