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SCHWENK & SEGGELKE manufacturer of clarinets in Bamberg | reeds

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Our clarinet reeds are made from first-rate, certified cane. The latest machines and manufacturing processes alongside the vast experience of our reed making specialist Konrad Ossig result in true masterpieces. The facing is soaked twice and sanded by hand. All reeds are sorted individually according to quality and strength. Jochen Seggelke’s reed designs were made into templates with the utmost accuracy.

Cut Characteristics Strength Mouthpiece
F Reed for French Mouthpieces 2,5 - 4 e.g. Vandoren M30 / B40 / BD5
K Typical for a German reed with a short file,
round heart and thicker tip
2 - 3,5 For a middle tip opening, max. 1 mm and about 25 mm length, e.g. Vandoren D15
G German reed with thinner tip 2,5 - 3,5 For short, open mouthpieces, about 1 mm (e.g. Vandoren D20 / D25)

All reeds are available in gradiants of ¼ (e.g. 3 / 3+ / 3,5).
Should you be interested in reeds for clarinets in E flat, basset horns, bass clarinets (German fingering) or period clarinets, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Klarinettenblätter JSB

We recommend to water the reeds for a maximum 30 seconds and putting them face down on a flat surface for a couple of minutes before trying them. After having been played for a while, the facing should be sanded down using either soft sandstone or water proof sandpaper (600-800 grain). We recommend using our sandblasted glass plate for this process, as it is easy to clean and helps you achieve the best results.

Which reed for which opening? Recommendations
Model Opening (mm) Length (mm) Reed Cut Strength
D15 0,98 19 G / K 2,5 - 3,5
D20 1,00 20 G 2,5 - 3,5
D25 1,02 21 G 2+ - 3
N1 1,00 22 K / G 2,5 - 3
BF 1,00 20 G 3
M30D 1,15 20 F 3 - 4
M30 1,15 20 F 3+ / 3,5
B40 1,17 19 F 3 / 3+
BD5 1,13 18 F 3+ - 4
BD5 D 1,13 18 F 3+ - 4

Our exquisite range of reeds from Vandoren and Peter Leuthner’s atelier in Vienna can be found in our price list below.

Price list

To learn more about the current prices of our reeds, please click here.

Should you have any further questions or special requests,
please don’t hesitate to contact us.