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Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for innovative hand-crafted Clarinets in Bamberg, Germany

Schwenk & Seggelke | Workshop for hand-crafted ClarinetsSchwenk & Seggelke | Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets


Blaz Sparovec wins Nielssen Competition 2019



Missing clarinet:

Leitner & Kraus B-flat clarinet serial number 05470.

The clarinet was in a small black and gray softshell case with only place for one clarinet from the brand Thomann (This brandname is printed on the case). Attached to the case was a card with the name Jesse. There was also a Maxton/Gleichweit mouthpiece with a Rovner ligature and a plastic mouthpiece Cap and a blue clarinet swab and two clarinet barrels (56.0 and 57.0 mm) inside the case.

Inhouse-Fair 2019

April 12th - 14th
at the SCHWENK & SEGGELKE workshop, Bamberg

Clarinet Hacks with Jochen

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Presentation of the contrabass clarinet CLEX

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Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets

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Ad. No.: 07-19-2

Uebel Advantage

No. 145195. Played little, overhauled by SCHWENK & SEGGELKE. Featuring Eb-lever and B40/88 mouthpiece.

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1.200.00,- €


Ad. No.: 07-19-1

Fritz Wurlitzer

Model: Reform-Boehm. Serial-No. 2505. Overhauled by SCHWENK & SEGGELKE. Featuring original S-bow and S-bow by SCHWENK & SEGGELKE. With half-automatic mechanic. Low-C.

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10.900,- €


Ad. No.: 03-19-2

F.A. Uebel

No. 632-79153. Overhauled by S&S.

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1.300,- €


Ad. No.: 03-19-1

Schreiber Virtuoso

Purchased in 8/2014; overhauled by S&S. List price currently 2.200 €. Completely equipped, excellent condition. Featuring case with cover.

1.600,- €

Matching Pair of A/Bb-Clarinets

Ad. No.: 02-19-1

Buffet-Crampon Model RC

app. 10 years old, Bb No. F568674/A No. F569214. Overhauled by S&S in February 2019. Crack in Bb-Clarinet upper joint was fixed with carbonfibre. Sold by professional player, a soloist (first hand owner) - these instruments can even be heard on some recordings!

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6.500,- €
asking price

Matching Pair of A/Bb-Clarinets

Ad. No.: 18-10-1

Wurlitzer Model 185

Year of manufacture 1998. No. 91849 A / 91850 Bb. Reform-Boehm System. Mechanic was mounted by Eduard Nagel. Instrumtes excellently maintained from first owner. Case, coating, barrels and mouthpiece original equipment.

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12.000,- €
asking price

Matching Pair of A/Bb-Clarinets

Ad. No.: 18-05-2

Herbert Wurlitzer, Model 100c

No. 83762 Bb, No.83731 A. Overhauled by SCHWENK & SEGGELKE in April 2018. Top condition, BAM double case. All parts original, no damages. Sold by first owner.

11.500,- €


Ad. No.: 17-10-4

Schreiber D26

No. 167980, Year of manufactur approx. 1999. Completely overhauled by SCHWENK & SEGGELKE featuring new pads and tenon cork, mouthpiece N1 by Viotto, thumb rest by Ton Kooiman Model Maestro (adjustable)

1.100,- €

Matching Pair of A/Bb-Clarinets

Ad. No.: 17-04-2

H. Wurlitzer Model 100c

No. 92741 (A), 92743 (B). Year of manufacture 1997. Sold by first ower, always overhauled at the H. Wurlitzer workshop. Instrument to be tested at SCHWENK & SEGGELKE workshop now!

11.500,- €

Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets