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Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for innovative hand-crafted Clarinets in Bamberg, Germany

Schwenk & Seggelke | Workshop for hand-crafted ClarinetsSchwenk & Seggelke | Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets


Blaz Sparovec wins Nielssen Competition 2019



Missing clarinet:

Leitner & Kraus B-flat clarinet serial number 05470.

The clarinet was in a small black and gray softshell case with only place for one clarinet from the brand Thomann (This brandname is printed on the case). Attached to the case was a card with the name Jesse. There was also a Maxton/Gleichweit mouthpiece with a Rovner ligature and a plastic mouthpiece Cap and a blue clarinet swab and two clarinet barrels (56.0 and 57.0 mm) inside the case.

Inhouse-Fair 2019

April 12th - 14th
at the SCHWENK & SEGGELKE workshop, Bamberg

Clarinet Hacks with Jochen

Episode 2 now on YouTube.


Presentation of the contrabass clarinet CLEX

Information and wold premiere recording:



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New CD

"Mozart etcetera"
Basset Horn Trios by Clarimonia

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Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets

New Instruments by SCHWENK & SEGGELKE for sale

Typically customers will wait for several months for their instrument of choice to be delivered. In this place we present newly manufactured clarinets to you which we carefully arranged for trying and - if interested - buying straightaway.

These opportunities are based upon availability and will change from time to time, so drop by again!


Ad. No.: 10-19-5

Model 2000 Boxwood

No. 1900318. With simple reduced mechanic.

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6.000,- €

Matching Triple of A/Bb/C-Clarinets

Ad. No.: 10-19-4

Model 2000 Boxwood

No. 410610C, 400610B, 390610A. No Eb-lever, polished keys, rings made from artificial ivory (Elforyn). A/Bb with wide bore. Including fitting triple case. Base tune possible in a scope of 438-442hz.

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16.500,- €

Matching Pair of A/Bb-Clarinets

Ad. No.: 08-19-5

Model 1000 Mopane

Year of manufacturing 2019. No. 01182100 A / 01182101 Bb. Mopane-wood, gold-plated columns, silver-plated mechanic. No Bb-mechaninic.

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15.946,- €

Matching Pair of A/Bb-Clarinets

Ad. No.: 17-10-5

Model 2000

Narrow german bore, grenadilla, silver-plated. Thumbholder mounted on wooden plate. Luxury case by B. Kösling. Instr. No. 16101902 A, 16101903 Bb. Latest version of our top clarinet model, manufactured on demand by B. Kösling. The instruments can be tested at the workshop and will be adjusted on personal needs.

17.000,- €

Basset Horn in F

Ad. No.: 15-10-4

Model 3000

Year of manufacture 2015 (mechanic version of 2008: thumb key mounted as rotatable key). Grenadill silver-plated, mouthpiece by JS and case by Bernhard Kösling. (Catalogue price: 13.090,- €)

10.500,- €

Machting pair of Bb/A-Clarinets

Ad. No.: 15-10-3

Model 3000

Silver-plated, additional Bb'-key, 2 mouth pieces, double case and accessories.

15.113,- €

Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets