Marketplace: New Instruments by other manufacturers, ready to purchase at the SCHWENK & SEGGELKE-Workshop! | Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets in Bamberg, Germany.

Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for innovative hand-crafted Clarinets in Bamberg, Germany

Schwenk & Seggelke | Workshop for hand-crafted ClarinetsSchwenk & Seggelke | Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets


In-House Fair 2020

Save the date: Our annual fair will take place from 27th to 29th of march!

Clarinet Hacks with Jochen

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Presentation of the contrabass clarinet CLEX

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"Mozart etcetera"
Basset Horn Trios by Clarimonia

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Listen to our Clarinets online! On our webseite you'll find several audio samples from music records featuring international artists.

Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets

New Clarinets by W. Schreiber & Söhne

German system clarinets, revised and optimized by us!

The following improvements are carried out on every instrument before being sold by us:

  • complete keywork is unmounted
  • tone holes are revised by hand
  • bottom joint bore cone gets modified
  • all rod screws are lubricated with special grease
  • pads are adjusted into exact position by hand, keys are regulated

Other option:

You prefer to save money instead of buying a revised clarinet? We also offer the Schreiber clarinets in an unrevised state, but with our repair service. If you encounter a problem during warranty period we will help as soon as possible and free of charge! This does not apply to improper treatment, nor to normal wear and tear due to playing. We recommend to hand in your instrument for a short revision in our workshop after 6 months at the latest. This is free of charge, excluding the exceptions mentioned above.

Good Musical Training Requires Good Instruments

Optimal Combination

An optimal clarinet is more than an instrument with as many keys as possible. For an optimal result the combination of reed, mouthpiece, and instrument should take the requirements of the individual student into account.


Let us share with you our knowledge that we've acquired over the last years regarding the many mouthpieces, reeds, and instruments available. We regularly browse the market by attending international trade shows. In close cooperation with German as well as international top clarinettists, teachers, and amateur musicians, requirements are assessed, new solutions discussed, and - most importantly - put into action.


The annual German competition "Jugend Musiziert" proved us right: apart from numerous good results on the federal levels, four musicians playing SCHWENK & SEGGELKE clarinets won 1st and 2nd prizes on the national level!


We assist teachers, parent, and players when it comes to choosing the optimal combination of reed, mouthpiece, and instrument, no matter which price range. We try to find the solution that suits you best – be it a mass produced student instrument revised by us, or a student or professional clarinet from our own range.

Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets Schwenk & Seggelke - Workshop for hand-crafted Clarinets