Configurator Model 1000/1000+/3000 A/Bb

Tuning of instrument:

Ordering clarinets in A and Bb as a set

Equipment options:

Select the equipment for your desired clarinet from the following categories:

For further information see our page Clarinets: French fingering.

Fork mechanism upper joint
Touch piece of the side trill key
Basset mechanism
Further options no / yes
high F# resonance French style (357,00 €)  
high F# resonance German style (357,00 €)  
Acton-mechanism (297,50 €)  
A/E-mechanism (357,00 €)  
Split C key (357,00 €)  
Extra G# touchpiece (119,00 €)  
Eb-lever (297,50 €)  
F#/G# articulation (892,50 €)  
B/C#-mechanism (357,00 €)  
Adjusting screw B' connection (357,00 €)  
low E/F correction without
Low F correction (892,50 €)
Low E correction (892,50 €)
low E and F correction (1309,00 €)


Please select your desired case. Depending on the instrument model you selected, and on whether you chose a set, there are different case options. Details on the cases can be found here.

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